Nothing is more taxing in January than renewing your business’ permits with the Local Government Units (LGUs).

One thing still has not changed, though: the deadline to renew your business permit for the upcoming year (in this case, 2021) is on January 20. This is for all types of businesses registered with the LGU, so start the process early!

Who may avail: Business owners – residents or transients and or their duly authorized representatives.

CHECKLIST OF REQUIREMENTS                                     


  • Duly accomplished unified form for business permit application
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • SEC Registration ( For Corporations)
  • CDA Registration ( For Cooperatives)
  • DTI Registration (For Single Proprietorship)
  • Occupancy Permit(if newly constructed building)
  • Contract of Lease (If Lessee)


  • Income Tax Return
  • Notarized Financial Statement (In the absence of ITR)
  • Barangay Business Clearance

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Useful Tips to Remember:

  • The fees for the upcoming year depends on your last year’s gross revenue; this is the reason why the local government will require your Income Tax Return (ITR) or Notarized Financial Statement (In the absence of ITR)
  • It is important to report the correct amount of your gross receipts to avoid being penalized for under-declaration of your gross receipts.
  • Renew your permits early to avoid the long queue and to give you more time to provide additional documents should the LGU request for the same.
  • If you chose to renew and pay the permit fees quarterly, you have to ensure that you pay for the three succeeding tranches of fees at the start of the quarter.  Failure to do so will result in more penalties for your business.

This sums up the process on how you can renew your business permit. Remember, do not wait for the last week or last few days from the deadline to start the process so you do not run out of time. 


  • Apply at the Business Permits and Licensing Office, Municipal Hall, Diffun, Quirino
  • You may also register your business online through this link: