Annual tree planting and kick-off of disaster resilience month headed by the Municipal Mayor, Hon. May Garnace-Calaunan.

The lingering pandemic on Covid-19 did not dampen the spirit of Diffunians to undertake a twin activity on July 2, 2020 at the reforestation site located at Barangay Aurora West.

The annual tree planting and kick-off of disaster resilience month, participated in by an estimated 150 Diffunians from all walks of life heeded the call of Hon. Mayor May Calaunan to converge at 5:30 in the morning right at the foot of the mountain where the refo site was located.

Each participant planted an average of four forest and fruit bearing trees at the slopes of the mountain which is currently undergoing a face-lift in its bid to transform the area a local tourist haven.

Over the past ten years, the refo-site has become the symbol of Diffun in its battle against climate change as it was totally barren before the LGU decided to plant trees. Although persistent challenge of grass fire that surprisingly occurs almost every year, a handful of forest trees have grown providing shade and a cooler atmosphere in the area where pergolas are now constructed for visitors.

Early in 2020, a majestic DIFFUN sign-almost similar to that of the Holywood sign in Los Angeles, California – was erected on top ofthe refo-site. From where it is erected, one can be treated with a jaw-dropping and refreshing panoramic view of the whole Diffun.

The reforestation site is open to public at any time of the day free of charge.